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In addition to supporting most of the features in the existing Azure Storage Client, Lucifure Stash Version 1.3.0,  a .NET client library written in F#, adds the following capabilities in an elegant and intuitive manner. Also available on NuGet.
  • Stash strings and byte arrays larger than 64K.
  • Stash arrays and lists – one collection element per table property.
  • Dynamic stashing via a dictionary, so you do not have to map every table property to a class member.
    • Makes it trivial to read an existing tables of unknown schema.
    • Makes merging simple and efficient.   
  • Morph any data type to a native azure table supported type.
    • Built in morphing for all enumerations.
    • Intrinsic morphing for byte, sbyte, char, int16, uint16, uint32 and uint64.
    • Out of the box morphing using the data contract serializer.
    • Add you own custom morphing capabilities. Example usage - encryption, compression etc.
  • Stash public and private; fields and properties.  
  • Unrestricted table columns names - not tied to the type member names.
  • Static and dynamic table naming. Generate the table name based on data being stashed to gain seamless  table level partitioning capabilities.
  • Key names not tied to PartitionKey and RowKey. Name them whatever make the most sense in your domain.  Makes for much more readable LINQ queries.
  • Powerful abstractions for composite partition and row keys.  
  • Explicit ETag support for easy control of updates.
  • Supports both context and context free paradigms for an elegant coding experience. 
    • Thread safe. Create a single context free client for a table once, and use it across multiple threads. No need to  create new client contexts for every interaction.
  • Inheritance free object model; no need to inherit your entities from a base class. (Unless you want too.)
  • Flexible configuration options for easy setup.
  • Consistent and developer friendly exception messages.
  • Development time support
    • Hooks to peek into the http request and response. Great for development time debugging purposes.  Great from runtime logging. 
    •  Enhanced error reporting quickly points to type definition errors upfront, before calling table storage.


Check out my other project on CodePlex - Pipeline Style Programming in C#. Inspired by F#.


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