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Help with startup

Nov 7, 2013 at 4:15 AM
Hi, i m having real trouble using Lucifure...

I ve managed to write compilable code, adding the dlls and the Configuration file.
I am using Azure SDK v, so i had to make some modifications... the major one (and the one which i think is the problem was
        CloudStorageAccount account,
        StashClientOptions options)
        // indicate it https is selected.
        options.UseHttps = account.TableEndpoint.Scheme == "https";
        var op =new OperationContext();
        op.ResponseReceived += op_ResponseReceived;
        op.SendingRequest += op_SendingRequest;
        // instantiate the client with the SignRequestLite method from the Credentials.
        return new StashClient<T>(
                        new SignRequest(h => new SharedKeyLiteAuthenticationHandler(SharedKeyLiteCanonicalizer.Instance,account.Credentials,account.Credentials.AccountName).SignRequest(h,op)),
I had to change the account.Credentials.signrequestlite (which does not exists on v2.1.0.3), for a SharedKeyLiteAuthenticationHandler, which according to my reseearch was the right thing...

The exception i m catching is not on the creation of the Stash client but here
                StashClient<CloudResource> client = StashConfiguration.GetClient<CloudResource>();
StashRuntimeException Message Unexpected runtime error. Please examine the InnerException for more information.

InnerException {"The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."}

I used many different accounts to login (Development, even production), with same response...

Any light to throw on this case? i m really excited to start using this tool, because i need forcely to persist List<CloudResource> which is forbiden by Azure Tables SDK... but im stuck here (been on this step the last six hours ...)

Thanks a lot!
Nov 7, 2013 at 4:23 AM
I forgot a huge detail...

The ConfigurationType i m using is StorageAccountEmulator...

I ve just changed the type to StashAccount, and put the Account Name and key for development DB and it worked! ... though i can now go on... can you tell me why is that? and what are the StorageAccountEmulator, and StorageAccountCloud type for? in which context are them valid or required?

Nov 7, 2013 at 6:36 AM
The StorageAccountEmulator and StorageAccountCloud was added to support compatibility with the then existing Microsoft Storage Client, two years ago.

Microsoft now has a different table storage client. So, you are fine with using the Stash Account.

Stash supports the two flavors Cloud and Emulator, just like the Microsoft Storage Client. The emulator, allow you to emulate the cloud storage locally on your computer. My advice is to avoid the emulator and use the cloud directly, just like you have done.